The High Fat Diet…….my secret is out

Hooray – finally I’m allowed to fess up as to why I’ve not been posting/been exhausted/been spotted running round London with dirty hair – and it’s going to make all of you who come here after googling ‘Zana Morris diet’ very happy.


I’ve been writing a book, with Zana and it’s out in January. It’s called The High Fat Diet and it’s based Zana’s amazing weight loss plan – the one I used when I lost all my weight. If you don’t know anything about Zana she’s a top trainer in London with three super swanky gyms,.She’s trainer to loads of household names – sadly none of which I’m allowed to name (yet, I’m working on that bit!) but I’d like to look like all of them thanks!

Things are all still a little bit under wraps, but I’ll update you on things like the front cover when we’ve decided on it. And, once it’s out I’ll be able to explain how it works etc. I may even be able to do a giveaway of a copy or two (depends if I can sneak into the publishers with a large enough bag….shhh, don’t tell them).

In the meantime, at least you can see I had a good reason for slacking off! Will tell you more as soon as I can – but in the meantime, if you wanted to get your order in now, here’s a link to the pre-order page on amazon

Just Add Water Cereal – Brilliant Race Day Food

I’m starting to plan my packing for the Disneyland Avengers Half (I know I don’t leave until mid November but I’m excited!). And one of the things on my list to buy over the next couple of weeks is a cereal bowl. See Disney races are not for bed lovers – you have to be at the event start about 4.30am. At that point I am not messing about with breakfast. I’m having enough trouble ensuring I’m wearing shoes and shorts. As such I don’t eat before I leave the room, instead I pack my cereal, a bowl, spoon and some yogurt or milk and eat my breakfast while I’m waiting to head to the corral.

However, the other day I was at the Lunch! show which previews all the new convenience food trends and one thing I saw at a couple of stands were cereal pots or packets that contain their own powdered milk – all you need to do is add some water and stir. This sounded like a genius idea – and perfect for race days. I grabbed a couple of samples and this morning got to taste my first one. Mornflake Superfast Raisin, Honey and Almond Granola.

superfastrange_productspage_Product Slideshow

First glance looked great – big clusters of cereal and absolutely masses of fruit – all a little bit creamy looking. As directed I added a splash of water and BEHOLD, there was milk (I’m aware at this point, I should have photographed it, but I’m too busy thinking ‘food’ to think ‘photography’). I had a few mouthfuls just to see what it tasted like – and I can confirm, it’s pretty good. And, as I’d suspected, it’s an absolutely brilliant thing to pack for races. I have explained how the ‘trains have stopped play‘ from my house as they no longer run before 8am on a Sunday from here, so now if I want to do a Sunday run I have to stay in a hotel. This means packing some kind of breakfast food to take with me. However as I must stay in cheap hotels – with no fridges or mini bars, milk doesn’t travel well. These would be the perfect solution. (That reminds me, I’ve got to tell you all about the Run to The Beat 10km and my night in the pre-race hotel at some point too).

But would it fuel my run  – yes, yes it would. The portion contains 218 calories – and while it looked smaller in the pot than the normal mountain of granola I pour myself – it was deceptively satisfying. Today was kind of a long run day – I admit I was supposed to do 17km, but I just couldn’t face it, so instead I decided to run 12km as fast as I can and try and beat my time from a couple of months ago. Fuelled by my cereally clusters I managed it – knocking off a whopping four minutes and having my first really enjoyable run in ages. Woop, woop – yay me. (Yes, this is a complete excuse to use the cheerleader picture below). If you want to see more about Mornflake, check out their website here – you can also buy the pots online. But before you go cereal shopping, read on….I need advice.



Despite my internal pom pom waving, skipping my 17km run does mean I’m a teeny bit more behind in my Avengers training than I should be. Fact is my running motivation has left the building. I know why. You may remember some time ago I announced that my plan was to run Bournemouth half marathon at the beginning of October and try and do a good time, then cruise a bit for Disney. As such I started training about 22 weeks ago now. The project that cannot be named however put pay to me running Bournemouth, I’d done my long runs, but my weekday runs had been virtually non existent. I just wasn’t confident by the time race day came. I knew I’d get round but I was looking at a time close to 3 hours (compared to my normal 2.20-2.40) – and it wasn’t a slow field. I was worried it would knock my confidence – and frankly, it landed on my first weekend off for nearly eight weeks and  I was shattered. I traveled down there to the coast on the Thursday, but made the decision on the Friday evening to not run – and the fact that I didn’t feel any guilt told me that I’d made the right choice  (see, this is what happens when I stop posting, you miss all this drama).

However the knock on effect of all this is that by now I’m really, really bored with all my running routes – and I’ve discovered that if I don’t have a good route planned, I find it really hard to sustain myself for the 100+ minutes I need to be out there for to get the miles in and do my three or four hour long runs in the week in the same area. so yet again, the weekday runs are slipping off the schedule – and my long run is not the experience of joy and happiness it should be. It’s not a disaster I’ve got three weeks left to step things up a bit during the week, and one 18km run left to do. I know I’ll get round Avengers, my 15km runs are fine so, 16.5km (10 miles) will be a doddle on the day with the adrenaline and stuff to look at – but it would be nice to not completely loathe the last three miles. So anyone got any advice to keep me motivated at the point when I’m supposed to be running about four or five hours a week – but can barely drag my butt out for 2.5? I’ve already got a list of new songs for my playlist, but I’ll take any other tips and tricks to get me out there?

The Highland Hustle – jig your way fit

I admit, I am no longer super busy – but it seems blogging is like running. Once you get out of the habit of doing it, it takes quite a bit of effort to start again (and let’s not talk about how my half marathon training is going). Today though, I found something that filled me with such joy, I had to share it. I was doing some research on diet and fitness news I clicked on an article on a new fitness trend. I wasn’t paying much attention as to what it was all about, I actually opened it as a new tab to come back to – and then I heard it. Some kind of synthy type music was distracting me from Songs of Glee on Spotify. Frantically clicking to try and make it stop, I noticed it was coming from a website called ‘Highland Hustle’ ……cue rapid muting of Rachel Berry as I went to investigate.

It’s basically Scottish dancing turned into a fitness routine and done to faster, synthy style music. It was created by ex-Highland Dance champion Gillian Urquhart and I can’t decide whether to stare at it open mouthed or download the videos myself. I quite like the idea of doing fancy feet moves with one arm over my head – though I’m guessing as I don’t have a partner I won’t be able to do any of that fun whirling business that makes your head go spinny.

So how about it, would you try it? Is it going to claim the prize of Zumba as top dancy fitness class – actually, that’s just made my decision for me (those of you who aren’t aware of my inability to Zumba, it’s huge). where’s my credit card? I’m in for a session of jigging. If you want to see more check it out at



Snow Races – they’re so cool right now.

Where is my life going – it’s that time in the month to talk about my page again (and I’m pretty sure that was what I said last time I came on here). The good news is things are returning to normal, my time is my own again (ish) and so if I can remember how I can start posting more regularly again. But until I do, you can get your health-e fix over at via my monthly round up of body related excitement.

Yes - she's trying to make running in the snow sound fun now!

Yes – she’s trying to make running in the snow sound fun now!

My fave story is the new Winter Run which is taking place next February in Central London – as you know I like a theme run and this ones is snow. Admittedly I don’t like snow, but I’m not sure it’s the real stuff so I will let them off – and they are having people dressed as polar bears at the finish to hand out hugs. Hmmm, fur suits hugging sweaty people – maybe run fast if you want one of those.  Any road up – they’re promising lots of chilly themed excitement like snow zones and an ice cave en route, it’s only 10km so not too scary to train for if there’s real chilly weather about (said she who won’t go out in rain) and it’s for charidee - so sign up, here.

On top of that though you’ll also learn all about the new sugar free Granola that’s fuelling my training for the Avengers Half Marathon (this time next month I”ll be in Anaheim – squeeeee), the super trendy new drink making its way out of health stores and onto the high street, the gym using DNA testing to plan programs and hot new workout CobraFit. So, what are you waiting for click here to head over there and see what I’m talking about.



Battleropes and TiYRs – my new gym toys


I have exciting news – no, not the reason I keep vanishing without posting for days at a time, that’s still secret – instead I would like to announce that recently

I have broken into a sweat at the gym.

I’m aware that this may not sound that exciting, after all, that’s supposed to be the point of going to said establishment, but because I tend to be bored and sulking on the treadmill and hate the exercise bike it never really happens. Now however my gym has introduced some new toys. I’m a member of Virgin Active and they’ve launched something called the Fitness 5 which are five new things to chuck, lift and jump on. The five are….

Battleropes – weighted ropes you wiggle

TiYRs – that’s not a typo, it’s a trademark

Bulgarian Bags – weighted bags you throw about kind of like a kettlebell

The TRX Rip Trainer – big stick you whip kind of like a hockey stick

Plyo Boxes – spongey boxes you jump on and off

They did have press launch on all this recently but I was ‘working on the secret project’ and so couldn’t go, and so I admit, I did spend a little bit of time staring at the toys and wondering what you do with them, Note to Virgin Active – you need something stuck on the wall to show people!

But then I remembered you have this thing now called the internet and has all sorts of information on it – and so, I looked up some moves . Admittedly 90 percent of them had gone out of head by the time I had my trainers on. Two had stuck though and so off I went to wiggle my battleropes and step up and down on the TiYR.

Thirty seconds into battlerope wiggling I was struggling so I swapped to stepping up and down on the TiYR. By the time my 30 seconds was up there I was out of breath, another session on the battleropes and I had sweat dripping off my nose – this continued repeating until I’d done each move five times by which time I had to get on the rowing machine for a rest.

I’ve tried the workout twice now and it’s a killer – by the end of the fifth set of battlerope wiggling my arms can barely lift the things.  It’s fun though and I’m actually looking forward to going to the gym to do it – so, just in case you want to try it yourself – here’s a handy, if a little frantic, instruction video that shows you what to do with the ropes. According to this what I do is called ‘Power Doubles’ no I don’t feel so bad that I can only do 30 seconds of them at a time – that sounds really hard!


If you keep watching you’ll also see a load of suggested TiYR moves and, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice stepping up and down on it isn’t one of them. I did check with TiYR makers Escape and they told me so long as you aren’t wearing heels or anything it’s okay to stand on it.

So, here’s how….step up on the TiYR with one foot, step up with the other foot, step back down the same way. Repeat as fast as you can until sweat drips off your nose. You could also use the Plyo box for this, but in my gym they’re not as close to the battleropes as the TiYR.

I did try some of the TiYR moves in the video above – this thing weighs 60kg and so they rely on you having a teeny tiny bit more upper body strength than I have! Also, it’s really loud when you flip it and people stare at you which is a bit embarrassing when you then can’t flip it again! There’s also a move on the Escape website that sees you stand in the middle of the TiYR and do a deadlift like move lifting up up by its handles. That saw me standing in the middle of the TiYR in a squat position, pulling on the handles while nothing happened.

It is however a really good bit of kit to do press ups on if you’re upper body strength is lacking – it takes a lot of pressure off your shoulder (particularly helpful if you may have damaged your shoulder a while ago and not done anything about it yet – if you know anyone that might apply to of course.)


I haven’t tried the bags or the Rip trainer yet. I did however have a go on the Plyo boxes. The idea of these is that you jump onto them helping work explosive type fibres in your legs that create power – well don’t ask me what happens to my legs but it seems I have a complete and utter inability to land with both feet at the same time. Instead something in my brain makes me do this odd little hop thing where one foot lands and the other kind of skips along behind it – imagine if a gamboling lamb decided to jump on a box  – whilst still gamboling – that’s kind of the look I’m achieving. I’ll just add that to the list of things I need to work on.

A jetpack that makes me run faster. Where do I sign?

I’m aware that it has a very serious, potentially life saving purpose in reality – but seriously, this device created for American soldiers helps you run faster with less effort and aims, eventually, to help soldiers cover a mile in four minutes. I just did a 10km in an hour and seven minutes and that hurt like heck, I need all the speed boosting I can get.


I do have a feeling that people might notice I was wearing it though – what with the large pipes sticking out of my back and all, but still….I could just tell everyone it was part of my costume for the Avengers Half Marathon which is two month’s today (alternates between excited squealing and out and out panic). That’d work right?

You’ll find the proper story here with all the science and intelligent information. In the meantime, I’m sending The Boyfriend out the garage with three insides of toilet rolls and some wire to see what he can come up with.

Everything But The Cow. Protein + Fruit = drink

I’m now less than a month away from the Bournemouth Half marathon and even though I’m a bit (oh alright, horrifically) behind with my weekday training, I’m at the very least forcing myself to get out and do my long runs at weekends. This does however mean that at some points over the last few weeks I have gone out and ran for two hours with virtually no other runs in the week – not surprisingly, I return from these runs feeling, well……..broken.


This weekend as I returned home with a crooked neck and naffed up knees I met the postman who had a large box for me. In said box was a  protein drink called Everything But The Cow. Their USPs are that they don’t contain any dairy products and they’re the first protein drink to also add real fruit – rather than fruit powders like most others do. They claim they’re perfect for snacks or post workout recovery – considering how shattered I felt at that moment in time, I jumped on that little phrase.

I had three flavours to choose from and, at this point I tried the banana and kiwi one. A mix of banana puree, kiwi juice and soy protein it was more liquidy than I thought it was going to be and had a bit of sharp powdery taste (to be fair considering it’s soy protein I’d expect it to be a bit bitter), but actually it wasn’t too bad. I do prefer my protein shakes more creamy though.  It wasn’t too sweet but it did give enough of a sweet taste to pep me up – enough to head downstairs and get some actual lunch at least.

Over the last few days I’ve also tried the other two varieties – Strawberry and Raspberry and Orange and Mango – of the three Orange and Mango suits the formula best. The orange kind of works well with that soy bitteryness. Of the three flavours it was my favourite.

In terms of the numbers, each 330ml bottle contains 7g of protein, between 111 and 165 calories and no fat, dairy or sugar (though they do sweeten with honey – which accounts for my rapid post exhaustion energy injection). They’re not bad although I don’t think they’ll replace my Strong shakes for breakfast – just a bit too sweet and, yes I say it again, powdery. Still if you don’t eat dairy and want a protein boost give them a try. They’re on sale now at Holland & Barrett. Or find out all about them here at their website

I’ve also tried a pumpkin protein powder recently. I need to taste it a couple more times but I’ll update you on that one too soon. It’s got chia in it to and from the one taste test so far it’s VERY filling.




What Type of Runner Are You?

I decided on yesterday’s run that there are two types of runner – I’m not talking about fast or slow, I’m talking about people who can run in shorts that look like the ones below and those who can’t.

photo (58)

It turns out I am most definitely in the ‘can’t’ camp. I bought the shorts from Aldi months ago as I liked the colour but hadn’t actually got round to wearing them. Yesterday though was a dire situation in the ‘gym kit’ drawer, everything else was in the washing bin and it was them or nothing. As that didn’t seem a sensible option I figured it was them.

I put them on and actually they look really nice. Because they’re cut up at the sides I look like I’ve got endless legs and because they’re flared and hide the erm, larger, bits at the top of my leg quite well I also look like I have long, shapely, muscley legs – I am like the Taylor Swift of the running world in these shorts. And they are purple. I am pleased with my purchase and head out the door.

About fifteen jaunty little steps down the road and I’ve got my hand clutched to my butt. And all that’s going through my head is “I can feel a breeze, why can I feel a breeze. Am I flashing the old ladies at the bus stop? That’s not nice for them. I hope they aren’t shocked.  Oh, god. An old lady might die of shock because I haven’t done the washing for a fortnight. I’m going to hell.”

Much clutching and butt feeling while I ran a few more steps ascertained that no I wasn’t flashing anyone – and I was wearing my special triathlon running knickers under them anyway so even if the bottom of the shorts was flailing like a flag in the breeze I wouldn’t have flashed too much – but still I have never felt so bare on a run. Because they’re so high cut on the sides (curse you Taylor Swift running legs), they get a bit flippy as you move and feel like they’re exposing everything. I wasn’t happy but as it was wear them or go home I had to head off down the road. I did spend much of the run though fiddling with them and my top to try and stop the breezy sensation.

So even though these are actually more flattering that my normal cycling shorts, and make me feel like a real runner, I’ll stick to my normal black lycra numbers I think. So, what type of runner are you? A shorty shorter or a cycling shorter?


The Training Diary I Love

Well that shows how little I’ve been posting recently – it’s time to talk about my Healthista page again;  this month I’ve been talking about all sorts of exciting things including posh pot noodles from Itsu, some new sports called Teqball and Ovasinax, a trend called Psychogeography, why breakfast might not be the best meal of the day and more – but before you click over there to find out about those things, check out the below – my absolutely favourite thing I talk about on there.

DailyGreatness-HollyBooth-174 (edited res)

It’s the new Daily Greatness Training Journal I’ve acquired – the pink one above. Subtitled  12 Weeks To a Rocking Fit Body & Mind not only does it let you mark down how well (or otherwise in my case) you’re doing with your workouts – it also gives you heaps of motivational quotes; questions to ask yourself and things to check. Here’s are four of my favourites…..

The Quote: I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Kind of relevant right now as I’m really having to force myself to do my training for the half marathon I’m running in a month. I’m behind and it’s going to hurt if I don’t pick up my weekday runs.

The Question: What did I enjoy about today?

Often we focus too much on the negative – find a nice thing every day and you will be happier. Find a nice thing about your workout and you will go back.

The Most True Comment: The difference between the body you have and the body you want is the choices you make.

Yep, it is -said the girl who had the jalfrezi platter and a Coors in the pub last night.

The Thing I Need to Work On: Who are your five closest friends?

No, this isn’t a sad, I’m so lonely plea; instead it’s asking about friends that are supposed to motivate me to train and right now I don’t have any in the same town as me. In fact my closest running allies are in New Zealand and the USA – you can’t meet up with them on the weekend. I need to think about fixing this one.

In a nutshell, I love this journal – just don’t spend so long filling it in that you don’t actually get to do your training! If you want one for your very own, you’ll find them at

Oh, and I still can’t tell why I’ve been lacking the time to run/post/wash my hair – but soon, I promise.

Happy Blogirthday To Me


WordPress tells me it’s the third birthday of Health-e-Helen today. Anyone have a low carb cake I can test?

It’s not the only reason for cake around here – I do also have another reason to celebrate right now which I’ll tell you about as soon as I’m allowed. It’s quite exciting but it’s also the reason it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. As soon as I can reveal all you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, just enjoy the silence (which is a blatant play on words giving me an excuse to post the video to one of my favourite ever songs below)  I’ll be back filling your feed with news of upcoming must dos like flipping tyres and lunching on posh pot noodles as soon as I can.