Mashed Cauliflower – it’s a revelation

I don’t like cauliflower very much – well I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I first tried it mashed. I’d heard the hype; ‘oooh, it tastes just like mashed potato,’ say the healthy folk. ‘Honestly, you won’t know the difference.’ Yeh, right I thought. Mashed potato is one of my favourite foods. I have been known to order dishes in restaurants solely because they come served with it (I also do this for items accompanied with red cabbage), I was pretty sure that mashed cauliflower would not even come close to matching the magic that is mashed potato. I was wrong.

Mash me - it changes everything

Mash me – it changes everything

No, it’s not quite as gooey and sticky and comforting, but it’s about 99 percent close and at 28 calories per 100gm boiled, compared to 72 calories per 100gm of boiled potatoes, that’s enough of a calorie saving for me to deal with that one percent difference – not to mention the fact that it’s not a starchy carb (remember I’m trying to avoid those). I boiled mine until it was just soft, added a tiny bit of salt and mashed like a demon. It was yummy.

I know mashed cauliflower is not a new idea. I am highly aware that I am not going to win ‘blog scoop of the year award’ with this post – but I figure as I’m not a fan of cauliflower in its normal floretty form yet I love this I thought that was worth sharing.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering. My carb embargo has meant the 700gm I gained while binging on yummy Oomf porridge, gluten free snacks and Polish goodies has disappeared – and taken a few of it’s friends with it, just in time for my Educogym weigh in. I suspect the grams may be fluid related. Whatever, I am now 12lb down from when I started on January the 9th. This makes me a very happy health-e-helen. Next weigh in is beginning of April.

Oh – and I just saw the below… that does look exciting….




6 comments on “Mashed Cauliflower – it’s a revelation

  1. I’ve made cauliflower crust pizza (trying to get more veg into Kevin’s boys), we all loved it. Did not taste of cauli at all, delicious texture, very yummy. Your blog inspired me to pick up a cauli this morning with all my salad ingredients.

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  3. I want you to know, that because of your cauliflower ranting yesterday…i went home, after a long day work, AND zumba, and made a cauliflower pizza crust!!!!

    it was AMAZING. and trust- i AM NOOOOTTTTT one to say so, if it really isn’t. but IT WAS!!!

    • I am actually the World PR for Cauliflower – I feel I should come clean. You get a little floret shaped badge and there’s a handshake where you pass a stalk to each other. Ah, blast, I forgot the first rule of Cauliflower Club…..I may be demoted to sprouting broccoli

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