And it’s Bye-Bye From Health-e-Helen

Remember a few weeks ago I had my crisis of blog-fidence. Well I decided at that point that Health-e-Helen needed to change. I couldn’t compete with the gorgeous girls doing headstands on beaches and living a life devoted to green juice and smoothie bowls, it’s just not me – so I decided to stop trying. I had two choices at this point… quit blogging, or relaunch to make the most of my slightly quirky take on all things healthy. What do you think I did……….? Yep, I decided to relaunch with a new look and a new name. I’m therefore pleased to announce the arrival of Not Your Normal Health Blog. A place of “Fun Fitness, Yummy Health Food, Spoil Yourself Spas – and Barely Any Kale.”

Now those of you who subscribe here, shouldn’t notice any change to service – especially if I do the redirect thing right in a minute (here’s hoping). Your next post should arrive tomorrow from the new site address – but if you’ve got me on your blogroll then please do change that to the new address over at just to make things a bit easier in the future. I’ll also be changing the name of the Facebook page and other bits and bobs in the next week or so (when I decide on a logo). If you don’t get a post by the end of tomorrow though – can one of you let me know at so I can workout what the heck has gone wrong!

Admittedly, the site is still a bit of a work in progress – I’ve got over 700 pictures to move around for starters and I couldn’t shut everything down to do it – but over the next few weeks everything will hopefully emerge, phoenix-like from the Health-e ashes.

In terms of what I’m writing about, you’ll still find the same updates on all things new in health and fitness, but it’s just going to hone in on everything fun and doable. To me it has recently seemed that ‘being healthy’ in the online world seems to have got really serious, competitive and quite hard work…..and I’m hoping to prove that doesn’t have to be the case.

I’m also going to go back to doing more advice, more useful information, more expert tips – I might even do a recipe or two (I’m not promising anything on that though).

Anyway the last few years have been a blast – I’ve loved almost every minute (except for that bit where I ended up in the lake with the duck poo – that sucked) – may it continue over at NYNHB. I hope you’ll come with me. ID-10038129


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