What’s that buzzing noise…..? Oh it’s just me pedicuring

Want to make your feet look prettier?I have, on this blog, previously confessed my love of all things JML Direct, but I didn’t explain how this love came about. It was because of the Ped Egg. I had seen this magical implement on US TV while on holiday and was fascinated. Not exactly being ‘pretty of heel’ not only did this thing cheese grate away the nastiness, I could see exactly how much was removed. As someone who will only vacuum with a Dyson this was brilliant. I decided I must own one immediately.

The problem was at the time, I was living in Australia and the price to purchase a Ped Egg in that fair country then involved three cash installments. Honestly, I could have bought new feet for what they were charging. Thankfully though I was working for British magazines so a swift call to JML’s UK ‘people’ meant not one, but five shiny new Ped Eggs made their way across the sea for testing. One of my friends even has me listed as Helen PedEgg on her email as the first night she met me I was bestowing shiny foot polishers on friends like a crazed skin-removing Santa.  I loved my PedEgg…… nothing I’ve tested before or since ever came close to its foot smoothing powers – until now.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi - it's brilliant

The Emjoi Micro Pedi, is effectively an electric sander for your feet. Put the gritty roller on the hard skin, turn it on and hey presto the dead skin is buffed away.  They say it should take a minute or two – to be honest, it was more like five for me (I had neglected the task for a while) but it left my heels ridiculously smooth. I don’t think it’s as good as the Ped Egg on the side of toes or that bit in the middle of your foot that hardens up if you wear stupidly high heels , but the fact that there aren’t any rules about not using it on damp skin may mean I’m more likely to use it more regularly and so they might not build up so much.

The other downside is that it kicks up a lot of dust – dust that is made up of feet, dust that if you suffer minor asthma will also make you wheeze. I’m not sure how to get round that bit. Although at least now I know why my chiropodist wears a face mask!!!